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All right so it has been a while since I posted anything on any of my sites whether it be sinister night Studios or last Nexus or even the Minecraft sites. So with that being said here is a couple of news / updates  first of all we have Sinister night that website will be retired once the registration ends it will no longer be renewed that will be on October 2019. And now we have MCWorld.Net that website will be renewed but will not be active it will point to last Nexus until further notice. Pixelmonlands will expire sometime this month I am still unsure if I will renew that or not but if it does we it will point to this website as well.

Now for this website last Nexus this will become the main website and my main focus from now on part of the reason why sinister night is not going to be renewed is because Sinister night Studios is no longer a thing it has merged into last Nexus to form last Nexus Studio.

Here on this website we will find information on current projects such as visual novels or any other kind of games working on. That is why the other websites will point to this domain.

Now that we got that out of the way here is some information on some of our current projects currently we have 3 projects on the table one of them being a collaboration with TNU council this project is a visual novel / story type of game we are hoping for a late June release. This project has been submitted to steam and has been approved once we have more to show we will be able to provide links. you can also check out the story by visiting the TNU website located Here On that website you will find more information on the story as well as some of the users behind the characters. you can also join their discord to help shape the TNU Universe 

Another of our projects we currently have on the table is a port of  older visual novels built for the MSDoS/95/98 Platform these visual novels no longer work with Windows 10 and most of them are considered abandoned ware what we aim to do is port them over so that they can be played on todays machines as well as porting them over to the mobile platform. Our first project for these ports will be MAYClub VR. We hope to have some kind of demo up withing the next 2 weeks.

And our final project that we currently have working on will be our very own visual novel called Sins of time this will be an original visual novel done by last Nexus studio we don't want to release too much information on this at this time but for any of the users that have followed me since the good old Ragnarok days  it has a lot to do with holy war and will be built upon that storyline.

On other news if you are currently looking to join the studio as a freelancer there will be a form on top of the website where you can apply and specify your rates if you're doing Commission or exactly what you are hoping for in return for your services.
And with that being said we are hoping great things come from the studio and we'll see you on the next update



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