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All right so it has been a while since I posted anything on any of my sites whether it be sinister night Studios or last Nexus or even the Minecraft sites. So with that being said here is a couple of news / updates  first of all we have Sinister night that website will be retired once the registration ends it will no longer be renewed that will be on October 2019. And now we have MCWorld.Net that website will be renewed but will not be active it will point to last Nexus until further notice. Pixelmonlands will expire sometime this month I am still unsure if I will renew that or not but if it does we it will point to this website as well.

Now for this website last Nexus this will become the main website and my main focus from now on part of the reason why sinister night is not going to be renewed is because Sinister night Studios is no longer a thing it has merged into last Nexus to form last Nexus Studio.

Here on this website we will find information on current projects such as visual novels or any other kind of games working on. That is why the other websites will point to this domain.

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